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Scott P. Lopez, Esq.
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White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Government Litigation               

Litigation with municipal governments, government agencies, and quasi-governmental entities requires an aggressive attorney who is experienced in these particular matters. Contact Boston government litigation attorney Scott P. Lopez.

Attorney Scott Lopez in Boston, Massachusetts offers government litigation representation and defense for businesses, corporations, and professionals, as well as government agencies, quasi-governmental entities, and municipalities. Attorney Scott P. Lopez has 20 years of experience in representing government entities in litigation that can help clients get the best legal resolution in cases involving:

    • Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement
    • Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights Violations
    • Contracts for Construction Projects
    • Contract Procurement
    • Tort Claims
    • Breach of Contract
    • Personal Injury Claims

Your company may have been named as a co-defendant in a personal injury claim resulting from work done for a governmental agency. You may have cause to bring a lawsuit against a government entity.

Regardless of whether you are a municipality needing defense against a claim or a corporation being sued by a governmental body, trial lawyer Scott P. Lopez provides dedicated, aggressive, and effective legal counsel.

Thorough Investigation ● Honest Assessment

When Attorney Lopez represents companies and corporations who are being sued by a municipality or governmental entity, he examines all the evidence and the claim filed against them. He offers an honest evaluation of the case, evaluate our client's chances of winning in court, and determine the best course of legal action.

In cases where the business or professional client wishes to file a claim or lawsuit against a municipality, government agency, or quasi-governmental entity, Attorney Lopez relies on a careful examination of all the facts. He helps clients evaluate whether the potential claim is worth the time, effort, and costs and determines potential damages. When it is in the clients' best interests, Attorney Lopez does not hesitate to take their cases to court.

Regardless of whether he is defending clients against a breach of contract claim or helping clients make a claim against a governmental entity, the goal is the same: Attorney Lopez strives to help clients secure the best legal resolution available to them depending on the facts of their cases.

For more information, or to make an appointment with an experienced government litigation attorney, call 617-439-4990.


Scott P. Lopez, Esq.
Lawson & Weitzen, LLP
88 Black Falcon Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02210-2414
Telephone (617) 439-4990
Telecopier (617) 439-3987

Attorney Scott P. Lopez offers white collar criminal defense and complex business litigation services to clients in metropolitan Boston and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including Barnstable County, Bristol County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Suffolk County, and Worcester County. 

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Practice Areas

  • White Collar Criminal Defense, such as embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion, and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) violation defense.

    Attorney Scott P. Lopez's white collar criminal defense practice includes representation of targets, subjects, and witnesses in governmental or grand jury investigations by state and federal authorities, as well as individuals under investigation and charged with health care fraud, tax fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and other white collar crimes.

  • Complex Business Litigation, such as breach of contract claims, director and officer liability and SEC enforcement litigation.

    Attorney Lopez is located in the heart of Boston and in close proximity to state and federal courthouses. He represents small businesses, corporations, and individuals in all types of complex business litigation, both civil and criminal, such as contract disputes, corporate securities litigation, corporate liability, insurance coverage disputes, partnership disputes, premises liability, and unfair trade practices claims.

  • Tax Litigation, including representation for collection, foreclosure, and criminal defense for tax evasion, failure to file, and other tax fraud.

    The federal and state tax litigation services assist individuals, businesses and corporations, accountants, and other professionals facing a collection action, foreclosure for enforcement of tax liens, criminal charges for tax fraud and tax evasion, and other tax litigation matters.

  • Federal Litigation, including class actions, diversity cases, shareholder disputes, multi-state litigation, and governmental investigations.

    Attorney Scott P. Lopez also handles a full range of federal civil litigation services, including securities litigation, government administrative investigations, multi-state transactions, class actions, joint ventures, violations of federal regulations - all types of complex civil litigation in federal court.

  • Government Litigation, involving defense of municipalities and governmental and quasi-governmental entities, as well as representation of individuals and businesses facing litigation against a governmental agency.

    Mr. Lopez has 20 years of litigation experience and offers legal services for clients involved in litigation with a municipality, governmental agency, or quasi governmental entity, such as disputes related to public contracting, breach of contract, personal injury defense, and other matters.